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Memory Lane

Selin Zileli

This interactive piece draws inspiration from the historical challenges women faced while entering
public spaces. It aims to offer an engaging experience that goes beyond traditional storytelling,
encouraging active participation from the audience.

The artwork explores the themes of women's presence in the built environment, focusing on safety,
transportation, and accessibility. Through a 'memory game' concept, it showcases historical
photographs of women in public spaces, accompanied by brief descriptions that provide context and
relevance to their experiences in the built environment. Concealed images under moving circles
offer glimpses into specific moments where women defied societal norms, challenging perceptions
and carving out spaces for themselves in male-dominated worlds.

By sparking conversations about the interplay of gender dynamics, transportation, and the spaces
we inhabit, the piece prompts reflection and fosters a deeper understanding of how historical
narratives have influenced the urban landscapes we navigate today. It seeks to create a dynamic
dialogue with the past by inviting participants to actively engage with the content, connecting past
and present aspirations for an inclusive and safe urban future.

Selin is a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, focusing on the intersection of urban mobility, technology, and design for a more inclusive and sustainable future. Her work revolves around social innovation, employing various technologies to collect and represent data and addressing challenges in mobility.


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