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Close the Data Gap are an interdisciplinary working group of researchers. Our focus is to create a fairer world by being good role models, raising awareness, and providing guidance and training on how to close the gender data gap in transportation research. Recently our work has spread to also share the importance of gender equity as part of all research activities across engineering, with the provision of training to the wider university community.

The Web Science Institute combines expertise in web science, data science and artificial intelligence to study the relationship between society and the largest information system in history: the World Wide Web.

The event is funded through the WSI Stimulus Fund.  The focus of the Fund this year is on facilitating Knowledge Exchange.  The Fund aims to stimulate and pump-prime collaborations with business, government, the public sector, charitable organisations, community bodies and the wider public. 

Aims of the Event

  • Promote the power of web science in informing different gendered experiences relating to transportation and mobility of ‘perceived safety’.

  • Showcase the importance of gender equity in terms of ‘perceived safety’.

  • Encourage conversations and stories about gendered experiences of safety when travelling in daily life.

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